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Water Well Drilling Services

Water Well Drilling
We are able to drill residential, commercial and municipal wells. Whatever your water well drilling needs are, we are equipped  to meet those demands.  

Well Abandonment

We will gladly assist you in the decommissioning of your old well. Unused or improperly abandoned wells are a threat to groundwater quality, as well as a potential risk to animals and children playing nearby. If these wells are not filled with proper impermeable material, they can directly contaminate surface or water wells. Water that seeps down into old wells does not go through the upper layers of soil, and does not get purified naturally by the soil as well water normally would. Contaminated groundwater then flows in aquifers that can contaminate wells in the area. As soon as your well is no longer in service, we strongly recommend getting a well abandonment to avoid any potential risks associated with old wells.  

Water Well Rehabilitation 

If water quality and quantity is lacking with your current well, give us a call because a new well may not be required. We can often rehabilitate existing wells and bring them up to Ministry standards. 

Camera Inspection

We offer camera inspections with our submersible camera and recording equipment up to depths of 500 feet. If you are experiencing any problems with your drilled well we can troubleshoot with our camera to determine the best course of action to fix your well. We are able to provide photos and videos of the inspection.

Water Line Thawing 
If you are experiencing frozen water lines in the winter months we offer water line thawing services as well as heat cable sales and installation.

Hydro fracturing

Hydrofracturing or hydrofracking is a well development process that increases the flow of water from the bedrock well by increasing the size and extent of the bedrock fractures that bring water into the well. This procedure subjects the bedrock formation to high water pressure to either extend existing bedrock fractures or to create brand new fractures. Hydrofracking is a very cost effective alternative to drilling deeper or creating a new well. Give us a call to find out if hydrofracking could work for you.


We offer geothermal drilling services, please check out our FAQ for more info on geothermal heating and cooling.

Casing Upgrades

Older wells sometimes have their casing underground. We can upgrade these older wells and bring the casing above ground and up to standard.